Do Care Project’s Dissemination Event in Thessaloniki on June 19, 2023

Out organization is pleased to inform you that the highly anticipated dissemination event for the DO Care Project took place in the vibrant city of Thessaloniki. We participated on the event that was marked by the valuable presence of Vice Governor Voula Patoulidou Voula Patoulidou representing the region of Central Macedonia, whose powerful words resonated with attendees, emphasizing the significance of collective efforts and inspiring everyone to become catalysts for positive change in our world. 
The event served as a momentous occasion to celebrate the vision and mission of the Do Care Project, leaving attendees filled with hope and a renewed commitment to making a difference in the lives of those in need. We are grateful to everyone who joined us and contributed to the success of this inspiring gathering. 
Check out the video from our final event to witness the passion, commitment, and progress we’ve made towards a more inclusive and safer sporting environment for all.