Institute TREND-PRIMA Maribor has experiences with projects in the frame of Erasmus+, Europe for Citizens and other programmes, European Territorial Co-operation Programmes and other European centralised programmes in the field of education and training, sport, individual mobility and international partnerships between different organizations with the purpose of modernization and cooperation between educational sphere, social institutions and labour market to support vulnerable groups (disabled, young persons with learning difficulties, minorities, women) in the fight for their rights and better life. The institute is also active as a civil society organization, it’s involved as a partner and coordinator in projects that address civil society issues as global responsibilities, Euroscepticism, future of the EU and issues regarding European citizens. Below are listed the project where the institute participated as the coordinator or partner.

Cultural Sports Day
Camping With Orienteering For Families​
Education for Global Responsibility II
We are at Work, too
Counter Euroscepticism with you Vote
Sport day for Every Child
Hiking for Health and Longevity
Balanced Living through Healthy Nutrition Habits
Fit & Wise!
Sport and Dialogue Against Violence and Discrimination
Active Park
Active Break
More than Sport – My Best Sports Day
Never too Late to Get Fit!
HAVING IT ALL: Job and Family Balance of Women