Sport for Every Child - Fit Kids

Erasmus+ Sport Programme
Coordinator: Institute TREND-PRIMA, Maribor

The project “Sport for Every Child: Fit Kids” encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities. The main goal of this project is to develop a modular based Physical Education methodology of sport activities, sport games and exercising for children and youngsters with mental and developmental disorders and disabilities, we will focus on the groups that have to overcome most obstacles in doing sports activities, sport games and exercising, such as. Modular approact to fit the needs of individual disorder. It will be structured for the use of teachers and also for parents of children with special needs.

Professional experts from the project partner countries will develop a modular methodology based exercise and sports for each of the four disorders. Partners are going to organize “Fit Kids” sport events for children, educational workshops and online education for teachers, youth workers and volunteers to better spread the newly developed program in all partner countries.

More about the proejct: