Project RISE

Erasmus+ Sport Programme
101133617 - ERASMUS-SPORT - 2023
Coordinator: SPORT VIV

The topic of the project IncReasIng Sustainability and rEsilience of community sport clubs (RISE) is promoting learning mobility of sport staff, as well as cooperation, quality, inclusion, creativity and innovation at the level of sport organisations and sport policies.
The RISE project targets managers, staff and volunteers of non-profit community sport clubs and supports skills development and mobility of these target groups, therefore addressing the topic itself.

The overall objective of Increasing sustainability and resilience of community sport clubs (RISE) project is increasing capacity of non-profit community sport clubs from project partner countries for financial and organizational sustainability.

The specific objectives of this project are:

1. Raising awareness regarding importance of community sport clubs in project partner countries as the main pillars of sport system

2. Strengthening capacity of managers, staff and volunteers of non-profit community sport clubs on financial and organizational sustainability

3. Creating network of main stakeholders, national and local sport organizations, NGO’s, local government to exchange examples of good practice regarding good governance in sport, the importance of community sport clubs, sustainability and resilience of sport clubs and health enhancing physical activity .

Project measuring achievement:

• Development of a RISE Educational Manual

• Organized theoretical and practical workshops for managers, staff and volunteers from community sport clubs on sustainability and resilience– minimum 40 participants per country, total 120
• Spread the developed program to people that are not directly involved in the project activities through partners network, 10 per partner – 30 informed networks
• Organized promotional event in each partner country with min 25 participants per partner (NGOs, sport organizations, local and national decision makers and interested public) – 75 total