Project Heritage & Sport

Erasmus+ Sport Programme
101089490 - ERASMUS-SPORT-2022-SCP
Coordinator: Institute TREND-PRIMA, Maribor

Project “Heritage & Sport” main objective is to increase the level of physical activity of children in primary education with mental, developmental and physical disabilities. Partners are aware that there is a need for innovative approaches to motivate and include children with disabilities in sport activities. One of the biggest obstacles to participation of all children in regular sport activities is accessibility. In the project “Heritage & Sport” partners will collect traditional European games and sports from partner countries and develop a Handbook of traditional games and sport which will be adjusted to the needs of children with disabilities. Games adjustments will follow a modular methodology approach, to accommodate the groups who have the most obstacles to overcome. We are going to organize sport events in all partner countries that will be held in public areas as parks, open areas in nature and other free public sport facilities to include all children regardless of their parents income. The project encourages social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport, which is the main aim of the project, so that it is available to all children also to those with disabilities and to emphasize the importance of sports activities.

Creation of synergy between international organizations, educational and sport organizations to promote sport and physical activity for all EU children and ensures equal access, is an important aspect of the project. We will also create an e-learning platform where interested individuals (teachers, youth workers, volunteers …) will be able to take a course and learn the program “Heritage & Sport”. The project can be easily enlarged and multiplied; in that it can become a model in building a multicultural partnership suitable for building European conditions that promote physical activities for children of different European countries.