Project HFTeam

Erasmus+ Sport Programme
Coordinator: Institute TREND-PRIMA, Maribor
The project »Healthy and Fit Work Team« is focusing on the current changes to dynamic of work and the impact that it has on employees health and the level of sport activities. In today’s stressful times, we forget too many times that movement is a source of health. Since the Covid crisis employees started working from home in a much larger scale, which lead to and decrease in the level of physical activity of employees across all of the EU. Many employees suffer from a variety of pain due to prolonged sitting for a computer, standing work, repetitive movements etc. what causes many work-related illnesses. Many diseases can be avoided by regular daily exercise during work to strengthen the most exposed parts of the body. This project is focusing on developing & promoting a sport program for employees with special needs and disabilities. The implementation of wellness programs and sport programs at work is rising in all EU countries, however there is a big lack of programs and adjustments for employees with special needs, who are often left out because they can’t participate. We are also going to collect best practices how to increase the level of sport activities while working from home and on location to complement the developed sport program. This project consortium consists of Sport clubs, NGOs and Research Institute to achieve the best synergies between expert sport knowledge, best dissemination and core knowledge of people with disabilities to achieve best results in reaching them and increasing their level of physical activity.