Sports, health and fun for preschool children - project SUN

Erasmus+ Sport Programme​
Coordinator: SPORT VIV

The objective of the SUN project is to contribute to raising awareness of the need for physical activity as the basis of healthy lifestyle by changing habits of identified target groups (preschool children and their families) both in urban and rural areas.

By including children from an early age (preschool – primarily those who are overweight, obese or with low level of physical activity) into regular sports activities accompanied with indoor and outdoor activities with their parents and workshops at weekends. The main activity of the project is execution of pilot programmes in Croatia, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Experts in kinesiology, health and nutrition will design working programmes for children according to their age and fitness level. Intention of designed programme is introducing the children to basic sports like athletic and gymnastic in order to boost their physical, cognitive and academic development and to create healthy habits in young age. It will consist out of regular sports meetings during week for preschool (4 – 7 years) children and weekend indoor and outdoor activities with workshops on healthy food and other relevant topics for children and their families.

The specific goals of this project are:

  • To raise awareness regarding benefits of participation in sport recreational activities for preschool children (age 4 – 7) in terms of health-enhancing and social inclusion,
  • Strengthening capacity of family members and kindergarten teachers for promoting importance of healthy diet and physical activities for preschool children,
  • Strengthening capacity of kindergarten teachers to conduct recreational PA for preschool children
  • Creating network of main stakeholders, national and local sport committees, local government to exchange examples of good practice regarding the health enhancing physical activity for preschool children