Project G.A.S.P.

Erasmus+ Sport Programme
Coordinator: Centro Universitario Sportivo Palermo

The idea behind GASP (Game Activities for Sport Promotion) is to promote sport, a healthy lifestyle and fundamental values of being well, rediscovering ancient street games and reviving traditions that are part of the intangible heritage of the European Union. The partnership composed by Cus Palermo (Italy), University of Murcia (Spain), Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Margherita Sport e Vita Basket (Italy) and Trend Prima (Slovenia), thanks to the experience and quality shown over the years in the field of sports promotion, social inclusion and European projects is certain of the success of the project and will take care of the details in its international dimension.

In particular, some of the 8 games that will be implemented within the project are specific to the Sicilian tradition, therefore in line with the territorial reality where Cus Palermo, the applicant organization of the project, carries out its activities.