Project Camping with orienteering for Families sport event in Slovenia

“Camping with orienteering for Families” is an Erasmus+ Sport Project, co-funded by the European Union, which partnership consists of five partners: Kargenc Club (Turkey), L’Orma (Italy), Hellas for Us (Greece), Institute Trend-Prima (Slovenia) and Sakarya Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports (Turkey).

Project aims to attract families’ attention on encouraging the participation in sports and physical activity by using camping with orienteering as tool. It is focused on not only encouraging the participation in sport and physical activity but also environmental sustainability to say stop against climate change and to have some actions as human being for a livable planet. During the project TREND-PRIMA, organized and implemented local sport activities with participations in Duplek. Families were informed about the project and implemented an orienteering activity. During the orienteering activity, some awareness information was placed in the control points. When the families reached each control point, they had a chance to get some information about climate change and eco-friendly lifestyles.