Third Big Multinational Event “EU Future” in Slovakia

The third big multinational event “EU Future” in Slovakia was organized online on 23. and 24. May 2022.

The main event theme of the big event in Slovakia was the future of EU and the challenges of Euroscepticism, particularly in the partner countries. This event was focus on the on different types of Euroscepticism which are present in the partner countries and wider EU. The strategies to combat Euroscepticism and the reason for Euroscepticism increases. We will also address the future of EU and the challenges which are going to face the state of EU in the next decade. The EU is largely viewed as a cornerstone of European stability and prosperity. For much of the last decades, however, many EU countries have faced considerable economic difficulties. Despite an improved economic situation in the EU since 2017, economic pressures and societal changes have contributed to the rise of populist and anti-establishment political parties, at least some of which harbour anti-EU or “Eurosceptic” sentiments. Such trends have complicated the EU’s ability to deal with multiple internal and external challenges.

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