Start of the project “Counter Euroscepticism with you Vote”

On 1.3.2020 we started the project “Counter Euroscepticism with you Vote”. This project addresses the rising Euroscepticism and distrust of national governance structures which demotivate people to participate in the voting process. Turnout in the European Parliament elections 2014 was 43% and in 2019 was 51%, however in many EU countries the turnout is still below 30%. Project includes 6 organizations from Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria. They had the lowest voter turnout and rise of Euroscepticism.

The project’s aims are:

  • To encourage EU citizens to make their voice count
  • Built the capacity of young people to participate actively in the democratic life of Europe,
  • Counter Euroscepticism with EU dialogue and discussion on forward-looking initiatives for the future of Europe
  • Educate young people about EU values and history of EU.

More about the project: